A downloadable game for Windows

Battle of Tezuma is a project developed by our students during the 2020/21 academic year for The Big One project in collaboration with 34BigThings.

A downloadable game for Windows.

Battle of Tezuma is a fast paced RTS game with auto battler elements. The players will build their deck with their favourite units to battle for the control of the City of Tezuma in short 1v1 battles. The main objective of the game is to defeat the opponent by building an unstoppable formation with the best units and claiming victory for yourself.

Counterplay and strategic thinking will be greatly rewarded.

• Think fast, act fast!

◦ You’ll need to make quick strategic decisions in this real time battle, choosing which unit to place in what particular spot of the map. Reacting to what your opponent is playing is the key to succeed.

• Find the perfect combination

◦ Build your unique army, choosing from several different units, and combine them with your Hero and abilities, to creat e the ultimate deck to crush your opponents and dominate the arena!

Master the arena

◦ Use the battlefield to your advantage by exploiting its peculiar features: different lanes and environmental modifiers.

Dive into a brand new world

◦ Enjoy this simple but colorful japanese inspired futuristic world, inhabited by mechas, spirits and demons.

PC Controls:

• Drag & Drop units on the deck to put them in it

• Drag & Drop units on the battlefield to deploy them

• Mouse Right Button to open card details


Game Designer

Federica Bellingeri (Project Manager)
Alessandro Gallo (Lead)
Marco Tonello
Giona Tomassetti

Game Programmer

Lorenzo Falvo (Lead)
Alexis Abrea
Gianluca Manca
Filippo Tonietto

Concept Artist

Verdiana Beretta (Lead)
Sara Giulia Greco

Game Artist 3D

Davide Lattanzio (Lead)
Dora Bugatti
Riccardo Di Chio

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorDigital Bros Game Academy
Tags3D, dbga, Unity


DBGA_Battle of Tezuma_aa 20-21.rar 190 MB

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